STYLPRO Hydro Exfoliator

The STYLPRO Hydro Exfoliator is a compact device that uses a liquid solution and gentle vacuum technology to help unclog pores, remove excess oils and eliminate makeup residue, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalised.

Your skin's best kept secret!

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How it works

The STYLPRO Hydro Exfoliator uses a combination of suction and liquid circulation to extract impurities from the pores surface, while simultaneously injecting your chosen liquid into the pore.


⭐Helps unclog pores
⭐Deep cleanse
⭐Removal of dead skin cells, excess oils and makeup residue
⭐Hydration boost
⭐Helps to reduce the chance of breakouts
⭐Leaves skin plump and radiant
⭐Helps to detoxify skin
⭐Easy to use


⭐3 intensity levels
⭐6 different cleansing tips
⭐Clean and waste reservoirs
⭐Wireless handheld device
⭐Sleek Black and Silver coloured device

How do you use it?

🖤Plug the USB charging cable (provided) into the USB port, plug the other end into a USB friendly power source.
🖤The battery symbol on the panel will flash white to indicate the Hydro Exfoliator is charging.

Cleansing tips:
🖤Cleansing Tip 1 – Wide area silicone tip for sensitive skin
🖤Cleansing Tip 2 – Silicone cleansing and exfoliating for sensitive skin
🖤Cleansing Tip 3 – Precise silicone cleansing for nose and chin area for sensitive skin
🖤Cleansing Tip 4 – Cleansing and exfoliating
🖤Cleansing Tip 5 – Deep cleansing and extraction
🖤Cleansing Tip 6 - Precise cleansing for nose and chin area

How to use:
🖤Ensure skin is cleansed and hydrated before use.
🖤Pull the water tank to remove it.
🖤Fill the ‘clean solution’ side of the water tank with warm water or your chosen solution up to the MAX fill line. The other side must be left empty. You may also use watered down Micellar Water, Salicylic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid or Glycolic Acid to safe concentrations. Anything apart from water is used at the users discretion.
🖤Re-fit the water tank by pushing it into the Aqua Exfoliator, ensuring the solution tube is inserted into the ‘clean solution’ side of the water tank.
🖤We recommend starting with the tip #1, as this is the most sensitive on skin and work your way up to find your preferred tip. Always start on intensity setting 1.
🖤Long press the On/Off button to turn on the device.
🖤The device will turn onto the LOW setting. We recommend starting with this setting.
🖤Short press the On/Off button once to change to the HIGH setting.
🖤Short press the On/Off twice to change to the MAX setting.
🖤Before every use glide the cleansing tip over the palm of your hand for 15-20 seconds to ensure the water is flowing through the device.
🖤Once the water has started to flow, press the cleansing tip against skin and immediately start to move it in a slow gliding motion following the contour of your face. Please ensure you hold the device upright at all times.
🖤After you have completed your full treatment, long press the On/Off button to turn off the device.
🖤Wash your face with cold water and apply your preferred moisturiser.

How to clean:
🖤Remove the water tank and empty.
🖤Fill both sides of the water tank with warm soapy water and rinse well.
🖤Wash the cleansing tips used with warm soapy water, rinse well and dry.
🖤If solution tube becomes blocked, please lightly blow through the tube to unblock or change the tube with one of the extra tubes provided.

Depending on your skin type, skin may become visibly red while or after using the device. This is perfectly normal and usually subsides within a few hours. If you do experience redness please use the silicone cleansing tip and use device on a lower setting.

What do you get in the box?

✅1 x STYLPRO Hydro Exfoliator
✅6 x Cleansing Tips
✅1 x USB Charging Cable
✅3 x Solution Tubes

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